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Volume 6, Issue 10


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Volume 6, Issue 10

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1) Analysis Of Prenuptial AgreementProvided by Albanian Legislation
Author’s Details: MSC. Irena Binjaku[1]-Europian University of Tirana, Albania-[1]European University of Tirana, Faculty of Law, Profile – Private Law

This paper carried out the framework reform of the Institute of marital property regime and marriage contract in Albania. The marriage contract is one of the most important innovations that the new Family Code of 2003 has introduced, anticipating the possibility that spouses are regulating marital property regime.
Provisions regulating marriage in the Family Code provide undeniable autonomy of spouses especially in regulating property relations between the spouses. This is seen as an innovation since in the past this autonomy was categorically excluded.Due to the social importance of the family and to balance the private interests of spouses in the public interest, the autonomy of spouses in regulating the marital property regime is limited compared to the other contractual relations.
The paper analyzes problems such as: the implementation of the principle of autonomy of will in regulating interpersonal relations; implementation of the Civil Code and Family Code norms on the marriage contract; essential conditions for the validity of the marriage contract; contractual property regimes; prenuptial agreement;community property regime and the separation property regime, with the focus on the legal advantages and disadvantages of each regime. At the end of the study, you can find a presentation of all the findings and conclusions reached during the analysis of the above issues, as well as some recommendations for improving the articles of the Family Code, which we hope may be useful for scholars, students and for anyone who wants to get some information about this field of study, and finally especially for those who have decided to marry. The latter is more interested in being informed about a prenuptial agreement.
party autonomy, marriage, matrimonial property regime, marriage contract, prenuptial agreement, community regime, separation property regime, pasta sund servanda.
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2) The Impacts of Migrants’ Transfers of Funds on Economic Growth and Living Standards in the WAEMU Zone
Author’s Details: (1)Marius Idossou ADOM-Ph.D candidate, Université Laval(2)Rémy HOUNSOU, Ph.D-Ecole Nationale d’Economie Appliquée et de Management (ENEAM),Université d’Abomey Calavi (3)Varelle Priskine FETUE DJEPE-Economist and statistician engineer

This study examines the impacts of migrants’ transfers on economic growth and social welfare in the WAEMU zone. A model of simultaneous equations in panel data is developed to compensate for the endogeneity and simultaneity of the variables, and whose estimation is performed by the two-stage least squares techniques using instrumental variables. In addition, a composite social welfare indicator was constructed on which the impacts of migrants’ transfers of funds were assessed. The results indicate that financial development is the main channel for indirect transmission of the effects of migrant transfers on economic growth. However, we did not detect a direct effect in one direction or the other between growth and transfers. Nonetheless, they have positive and very significant impacts on the welfare of the population. Also, the democratic variables introduced into the models impact positively economic growth and the standard of living in the WAEMU zone.
Keywords: migrant transfers, social welfare, economic growth, double least squares, UEMOA, panel.
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3) Ethical considerations in pediatric nursing
Author’s Details: Dr. Wafaa Elarousy 1,2 BSN, MSN, PhD.,  Dr. Hend AlNajjar1 BSN, MSN, Ph-Assistant professor, Pedaitric Nursing  1 King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Science, College of Nursing- Jeddah 2Alexanderia University, Faculty of Nursing 

Caring for the vulnerable age group for infant and young children creates everyday challenges among pediatric nurses in many situations as child abuse and neglect, dying children, noncompliant of patient and families to the treatment, etc.Practicing ethically begins with being sensitive to the sanctity and quality of human life. Pediatric nurses must examine their own values so they can provide nursing care in an ethical manner. This paper presents ethical issues that may face the pediatric nurse when dealing with children.
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4) The Role of the University Administrator in a Community Engaged University, The University for Development Studies Scenario
Author’s Details: [1]Iddrisu M. Tanko[2] Wahabu Yahaya[3]Mohammed Fuseini-University for Development Studies. Tamale, Ghana. [1] Senior Assistant Registrar and Head of HR Section, UDS-[2] Senior Assistant Registrar and Faculty Officer –School of Allied Health Sciences, UDS-[3] Accountant and Head of Payroll Section, UDS

as the concept of University community engagements catches up in Ghana and elsewhere globally, the University administrator in addition to his or her traditional role is obliged to offer support services to the community engagement team in the realization of the goals of the engagement. This paper, therefore, examines the new and redefined roles placed on the Administrator/professional in addition to his/her traditional roles using University for Development Studies (UDS) as a case study. It seeks to challenge the University Administrator to reexamine his/her engagement and role as in UDS within the broader University community engagements. Using the Third Trimester Field Practical Programme (TTFPP) Directorate, a Unit mandated by the UDS to oversee her community engagement programme, we look at the new roles the University Administrators comprising Assistant Registrars, Accountants, Transport Officers and Stores Superintendents among others play in assisting the TTFPP Directorate to execute its mandate.
Key Words
: University, Outreach programmes, Community Participation, Students’ Fieldwork, Higher Education
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5) The Approach of Albanian Industrial Law as a Task of Joining Europian Union
Author’s Details: MSC. SILVANA CALA[1]-[1] European University of Tirana, Faculty of Law, Profile – Private Law

Under conditions where the aim of globalization of services and integration into international structures, protection of property rights and trade right is playing an important role in national and international legislation. Intellectual Property itself includes two categories of rights: The Copyright and Industrial Property. Through this paper, we are going to present the Industrial Property.
Initially, the focus will be the development of Industrial Property right to see the origin and grounds of defense of this right back to the earliest times. To proceed further with provisions of Albanian legislation to accomplish the protection of industrial property rights, in order to bring the standards set by European Union countries. Although Albania has a complete legal protection of Industrial Property right, the problem consists in the practical implementation of this legal framework. Issues of applicability of this legal framework in practice are going to be the core of this paper, pointing the shortcomings and the legal vacuums. The international agreements aimed at establishing international standards for the defense of industrial property will also be the focus of this working paper especially those who have been ratified by our country. Also through this paper, we are going to do a description of the objects of Industrial Property, of course mentioning the efficiency of Trademarks and Patents in the national and international economy.
Keywords: Industrial Property, consumer, legal framework, WIPO, EPO, DGPT, Trademarks
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6) The Effects of Anxiety on Iranian EFL Learners Performance through Pre and Post-Test on Case Study
Author’s Details: (1) Mustapha Hajebi MA degree from Islamic Azad University of Bandar Abbas, Iran (2) Reza PishQadam: Prof. corresponding author, Language Education, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran

Anxiety is negatively correlated with performance in learning English as a foreign language. This survey focuses on the high school students. This paper tried to study the effect of anxiety on the English learners in Iran. It is necessary to undertake further investigations to get more information and clarity on the aspects related to anxiety. Thus, this study is aimed at exploring the effect on life syllabus on Iranian EFL learners’ anxiety. The finding of the study may provide information for curriculum planners, teachers and learners regarding reducing anxiety in foreign language class. This research also presents a new flash in EFL classroom, and teachers can use life syllabus in their teaching. Also, learners can learn easier, enhance their motivation to get proficiency and reduce their anxiety. This study aims to investigate the correlation between EFL students’ language anxiety and the use of life syllabus in English classrooms. This subject is investigated to find out how to best utilize the life syllabus teaching method as a means of reducing language learning anxiety. The reason for selection of Life Syllabus as a new remedy has been two folds: First, revealing the factors that lead to anxiety among learners, then, recommending and developing a program that can reduce anxiety among learners.
Keywords: EFL Learners’ Performance, learning anxiety, English achievement, English Language teaching
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7) Assessment of Effect of Gas Permeability Coefficient on Anisotropy of the Porous Material
Author’s Details: Grzegorz Wałowski 1 –1Department of Renewable Energy Resources, Institute of Technology and Life Sciences, 67 Biskupinska Street, 60-463 Poznan, Poland

The results of experimental studies in the field of the permeability of porous materials with respect to the gas flow are presented. For this purpose, the different coal chars with anisotropic slotted porous structure have been used, and also – for comparison – model materials such as pumice and sintered polyamide. The tests were carried out on a specially prepared measuring set-up with the purpose of measurements of gas permeability with respect to the three flow orientations referring to symmetrical specimens in the cubic form. The results of the measurements showed that there is a considerable effect of the flow directionality on the permeability of coal chars, which results from their internal anisotropic structure. The permeability coefficient was defined, and the experimental assessment of the value of this coefficient against the gas flow and the pressure drop on a porous bed is presented.
Keywords: anisotropy, coefficient of effective permeability, frame-structured porous material, biogas, raw gas
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8) Adenocarcinoma Arising 35 Years after Colonic Interposition for Benign Esophageal Disease
Author’s Details: Laura Urbani2, Flavia Cavicchi2, Veronica Esposito2, Federico Mascioli2, Martina Sorrentino2, Annamaria Pronio3, Clemente Iascone1, 1Chief of General Surgery and Oncology Unit, Dept. of Surgery “Pietro Valdoni”,  University “Sapienza”, Rome, Italy 2General Surgery and Oncology Unit, Dept. of Surgery “Pietro Valdoni”, University “Sapienza”, Rome, Italy 3General Surgery and Colo-Rectal Surgery, Dept. of Surgery “Paride Stefanini”, University “Sapienza”, Rome, Italy

Adenocarcinoma is a rare long-term complication of the interposed colon in patients submitted to esophagectomy for benign diseases. At the moment, including the present  case, 13 patients with cancer arising in  a colon graft have been reported in the literature. We describe a 65-year old woman with a history of  lye-induced stricture in childhood who developed a polypoid adenocarcinoma of the grafted colon 35 years after esophageal reconstruction. She was successfully treated with endoscopic resection of the lesion followed by chemotherapy (CT): the patient is alive and free from disease after 43 months of therapy in excellent condition. Based on their own experience and literature results, the authors underline the need for surveillance after esophageal replacement in patients with long life expectancy.
colonic interposition, colonic adenocarcinoma, caustic stricture, endoscopic resection.
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9) Impact of Counseling to Child Bearing age Women for Prevention of Neural Tube Defects by Periconceptional Folic Acid Supplementation
Author’s Details: Anum Fatima*1, Hizbullah Khan2, Shaier Khan3, Samina Manzoor4, Tahira Khatoon5-1Assistant Professor, Principal Institute of Nursing Wah Medical College, Wah Cantt-2Director Nursing Services, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Hayatabad Peshawar-3Assistant Professor, Northwest College of Nursing, Peshawar – 4Assistant Professor, Institute of Nursing, University of Health Sciences, Lahore-5Nursing Superintendent, Government Nawaz Sharif Teaching Hospital, Lahore-Corresponding author*;Ms. Anum Fatima, Principal Institute of Nursing Wah Medical College, Wah Cantt
Background: Childbearing woman needs to start the folic acid intake at least four weeks before conception and continue it throughout the first trimester of pregnancy to help with the prevention of neural tube defects (NTDs). Hence, counseling and awareness by health care professionals influence strongly in order to overcome these burdensome issues to the women and their families.
Objectives: To determine the impact of counseling on childbearing age Women for Prevention of Neural Tube Defects by Periconceptional Folic Acid Supplementation in Pakistan.
Methodology: A descriptive survey design was carried out to conduct this study in the Obstetrical Outpatient departments of local teaching Hospitals of Lahore. A total of 300 pregnant women were studied to see the impact of counseling of healthcare professionals regarding supplementation of folic acid in order to minimize the Neural Tube Defects. Nonprobability convenient sampling technique was used for the purpose. Data were collected by a self-administered questionnaire and was analyzed by SPSS version 20. Frequencies and percentages were calculated.
Results: The results signified that a major fraction of pregnant women 101 (33.6%) used to visit the healthcare professionals after elapsing the critical phase of organogenesis. Although the main source of provision of health-related information was found the health care professionals, it was also observed that only a few of pregnant women used to visit them. Furthermore, health care professionals used to provide counseling for folic acid use in the first trimester of pregnancy, but regarding supplementation of folic acid before pregnancy, no evident authentic information was provided to women of childbearing age.
Conclusion:  Findings of the study suggested that the health care professionals need to provide awareness at all the levels of health care regarding periconceptional folic acid supplementation. In addition, women should visit the professionals in the early antenatal period as well as before conception.
Key Words:
Counseling, Folic Acid, Neuropores, Neural Tube Defects, Periconceptional Period
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