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Volume 12 , Issue 11


1) Effects of Covid-19 on the Academic Performance of Students in Tertiary Institutions in
Ekiti State

Author’s Details: (1)Okoh Maureen Onyinye-Federal University of Oye, Oye-Ekiti (2)Ajayi Opeyemi-Department of Vocational and Technical Education, Faculty of Education,Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti (3)Ogunmodede Aderemi Sunday-Bamidele Olumilua University of Education, Science and Technology

The study investigated the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on the academic performance of students in tertiary institutions in Ekiti State. The study examined the academic performance of students before Covid-19 and Post-Covid effect.  Expost facto design was adopted for this study. The population for the study comprised all students of public tertiary institutions in Ekiti State. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select the sample result of 100 students in any of the general course in the selected tertiary institution. Sample of the study comprised 200 level students in any of the selected two tertiary institutions in Ekiti State. Data was gathered from the concerned institutions on the academic performance of students for further analysis in the study.  A reliability co-efficient of 0.75 was obtained through test and re-test method to ascertain its reliability. One null hypothesis was raised and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The results of students were collected before and after the covid-19 period.  Data collected were anlysed using t-test statistics. The results revealed that the entire hypotheses were rejected in all the institutions. The paper recommends that, the government should provide adequate infrastructural facilities that will support online learning in all the tertiary institutions in Ekiti State to prevent any eventuality of a future close down of institutions because of pandemic,  Lecturers should encourage students centred method of teaching so that student can contribute to the teaching. Government should encourage lecturers by paying them all the back logs of salaries arears. Lecturers should come up with new strategies to cover up the teaching and learning gap created as a result of COVID-19 lockdown.
Keywords: COVID-19, Institution, pandemic, infrastructural facilities, Academic performance.
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2) Figurational Social and Cultural Sciences (II)
Author Details:
Jeroen Staring-Retired Dr. mult. Jeroen Staring taught mathematics at secondary schools in The Netherlands. His 2005 Medical Sciences dissertation describes the life, work, and technique of F. Matthias Alexander. In 2013 he successfully defended a second dissertation, on the early history of the NYC Bureau of Educational Experiments.

This case study introduces and discusses ‘the homo clausus self-experience of contemporary people in Western European societies’ — a central conceptualization result of the so-called ‘Amsterdam School of Sociology,’ based on the insights and works of philosopher and sociologist Norbert Elias.

Keywords: Juliette Roding (1953). Norbert Elias (1897-1990); Henk Flap (1950); Johan Goudsblom (1932-2020); Paul Kapteyn (1942).; Jozef Keulartz (1947); Yme Kuiper (1949); John Reader (1937); Cas Wouters (1943). Figurational sociology; Figurational social and cultural sciences; Homo clausus self-experience; Sewer construction; The Civilizing Process; therapy and training groups.
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