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Volume 7, Issue 1

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Volume 7, Issue 1

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1) Information Requirement for Forecasting and Cost Implication on Marketing 0f Consumer Goods in Dangote Nigeria Ltd
Author’s Details: (1)Abdulsalami T. Lucky PhD-1Federal University Lafia, PMB 146. University Library, Lafia, Nasarawa State. Nigeria (2)Omosigho  A. Nsikanabasi Msc-2Federal University Lafia, PMB 146.University Library, Lafia, Nasarawa State.  Nigeria

The purpose of this study was to investigate the Information requirement for forecasting and its cost implication on the sales of consumer goods in Dangote Nigeria Limited. Information plays a prominent role in business planning and business strategy. The value and importance of advance information is a cornerstone for planning activity and a well-set forecast goal can guide sale-force more efficiently. A forecasting usually depends on many factors such as the product feature, supply chain constrain, market demand, market share, promotion strategy, competition, macroeconomics condition and others. Though, most of these data may be hard or even impossible to collect.  Past studies have shown that intentions are predictive as one can examine the absolute accuracy of intentions, even though not their accuracy relative to other forecasting methods. As it was examined by the researchers no research has been able to demonstrate the information requirement for forecasting and cost implication on sales of consumer goods in Dangote Nigeria LTD hence the purpose of the study are: to know the types of goods Dangote company market, to find out if Dangote Company undertake forecasting of  their products before embarking on sales, to know the effectiveness of the method used, to know the periods of sales forecasting, to examine if forecasting predicted good sales, to ascertain whether the cost of forecasting reflect heavily on the cost of sales, to know if sales forecasting have negative effect on the general plan of the products, to know the reasons for embarking on sales forecasting, workers opinions on information requirement for forecasting and cost implication on sales of consumer goods in Dangote Nigeria Limited was examined.. In analysing the data collected, percentage was use. A survey research was conducted to evaluate the role of information for forecasting and cost implication on sales of consumer goods in Dangote Nigeria Limited, population of two thousand three hundred and fifty (2350) was selected using stratified random sampling to select (235) respondents. Out of two hundred and thirty-five (235) questionnaire distributed only one hundred and forty eight (148) questionnaires was filled and returned. The researchers recommended qualitative and quantitative method of forecasting. The researchers also advice that Dangote Nigeria Limited should recruit a forecasting team that will be able to predict various sales of products line and promotional tools like advertising, personal selling etc
Keyword: Information Requirement, Sales Forecasting, Marketing consumer goods, Cost Implication

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2) The Effects of Economic Crisis on Libraries and Information Centers in Nigeria
Author’s Details:(1)Abdulsalami T. Lucky PhD-1Federal University Lafia, PMB 146. University Library, Lafia, Nasarawa State. Nigeria(2)Omosigho  A. Nsikanabasi Msc-2Federal University Lafia, PMB 146.University Library, Lafia, Nasarawa State.  Nigeria

Nigeria global economy has experienced a steep crisis that is affecting all sectors of Nigerian society. Nigeria officially entered a recession in May 2015 that made public spending cuts inevitable. Libraries are particularly vulnerable to changes in the world economy because of their reliance on highly-priced globally-sourced information products and dependence on expenditure allocations from parent institutions that are heavily dependent on public funding. An investigation of initial and anticipated effects of the crisis on libraries in Nigeria higher education was examined. Provision and Utilization of information resources and services are particularly indispensable to most Nigerian university students in view of its special importance. The provision of access and use of information resources and services to students is the functional role of the university library to make them independent and efficient in their search for materials to satisfy their information needs. However, the situation becomes worsened due to the economic crisis as a result mismanagement/mal administration or lack of interest of Nigeria leaders towards Library operation.   Nigeria is a developing economy where the money for essential services is inadequate. Library development is affected by various economic conditions within the country. This serves the purpose for which the study was investigated, to determine how the economic crisis has affected library and information center development in Nigeria. The study uses documentary sources and observation to investigate its collection of facts
Keyword: Economic Condition, Information Processing, Production, Economic crisis, Library

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3) A Small High-Tech Firm Entering China’s Market: A Case Study of ADS-B Technologies Inc
Author’s Details:(1)Iuliia Chepurko-MBA-University of Alaska Anchorage (2)Yong Cao-Professor of Marketing College of Business and Public Policy University of Alaska Anchorage Anchorage, AK 99508 Correspondence: Iuliia Chepurko-MBA-University of Alaska Anchorage

ADS-B Technologies is engineering and consulting firm located an Anchorage, Alaska. Since 2004, the Company has specialized in the design and deployment of Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) systems and their related Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance (CNS) technologies throughout the world. For more than a decade, ADS-B Technologies’ Principal Intellectual Contributors have been intimately involved in the creation of ADS-B standards and procedures for the FAA, ICAO, Australia, China, Canada, Japan and several other nations.
This case study shows how ADS-B Technologies Inc develops and expands its market in China, a booming but one of the most challenging market in the world.  The market development includes the design, construction, operation, training, regulation and deployment of certified ADS-B ground and avionics systems in a highly regulated market. The findings of this case study will help business professionals to understand how to compete in such a niche market.
Key Words: Ads-B Technology; Aviation Industry; China’s Market; International Business
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4) Relationships of Brand Awareness, Brand Association and Perceived Quality with Brand Loyalty and Repurchase Intention
Author’s Details: Hossein Vazifehdoost 1, Azadeh Negahdari 1 Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Department of Business Management,Tehran, Iran 2 Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Department of Business Management,Tehran, Iran Corresponding author. E-mail:
Due to the intense competition in market place, customers nowadays are exposed to several brands from across the globe. This study assessed the effect of brand awareness, brand association and perceived quality on brand loyalty and repurchase intention among consumers of fashion brands in Iran. The study applied a quantitative research design using a structured questionnaire. Four hypotheses were posited and to empirically test these hypotheses, a sample data set of 202 business students was used. The findings illustrated that brand awareness has a positive considerable impact on brand loyalty, brand association has a positive considerable impact on brand loyalty, product quality has a positive considerable impact on brand loyalty and brand loyalty exerts a considerable impact on purchase intention. When brand awareness is high, its brand loyalty will also increase. Consumers will evaluate perceived quality of a product from their purchase experience. As a result, brand loyalty and brand preference will increase and also purchase intention.
Keywords: Brand Awareness, Brand Association Perceived Quality, Brand Loyalty, Repurchase Intention

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5) Relationships of Brand Attitude and Perceived Value and Its Dimensions with Consumers’ Purchase toward Luxury Brand
Author’s Details: Hossein Vazifehdoost 1, Bahareh Sagheb 1 Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Department of Business Management,Tehran, Iran 2 Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Department of Business Management,Tehran, Iran Corresponding Author.  Bahareh Sagheb
This research attempts to investigate the effects brand attitude and perceived value on purchase intention luxury brands. A national random sample of 264 male and female consumers participated in the study. A structural equation model test with likelihood estimation was performed to test the relationship among the research variables. The empirical results from the structural model suggest that brand attitude positively affected perceived value and its three dimensions (social value, personal value, and functional value). .Questionnaires were distributed with simple random sampling method Data were analyzed based on Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS, V. 21) and SmartPLS. The results provide managers opportunities for strategic differentiation and brand positioning of their luxury brand in a Iran context
Keywords:  Brand
, perceived value and dimensions, luxury products, purchase intention
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6) Irradiation Technique in Bell’s palsy. An Evidence Based Study
Author’s Details: (1) Dr.S.S.Subramanian, M.P.T (Orthopaedics), M.S (Education), M. Phil (Education), Ph.D (Physiotherapy). The Principal,Sree Balaji College of Physiotherapy, Chennai–100.Affiliated To (Bharath) University, BIHER Chennai – 73.  (2)Mrs. Deepa.S, MPT (Neuro), MIAP,  Asst. Prof in Physiotherapy Sree Balaji College of Physiotherapy, Chennai – 100.Affiliated To (Bharath) University, BIHER Chennai – 73.(3)Mr. S. Dinesh ,M.P.T., ( Ortho)., MIAP, Asst Prof in Physiotherapy Sree Balaji College Of physiotherapy, Chennai – 100. Affiliated To (Bharath) University, BIHER,Chennai – 73. (4)Vishnu Deepa. B (B.P.T IInd YEAR)  (5)Rohith Kumar. R. D (B.P.T IInd YEAR)

Bell’s palsy, where facial muscle weakness along with expression gets affected, added with watery eyes and social stigma involved in these patients early recovery helps to improve subject’s confidence. Aims & Objective of this original case presentation was to analyse the impact of irradiation technique among a 45 year old Bell’s palsy subject using Sunny brook Facial Nerve Grading System score and SD curve. Materials & Methodology: This study subject with left Bell’s palsy was treated with irradiation technique along with facial muscle exercises on alternate days from 30.10.2017 to 20/11/17 for 10 therapy sessions. Results: Pre and post were analyzed with statistical means with P<.05 Conclusion: an effective therapy with evidence enhances early recovery on bell’s palsy was evident as major outcome of this study
Key words: – proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, irradiation, strength – duration curve, Bell’s palsy, sunny brook facial nerve grading scale.

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7) Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) In the Treatment of Depression and Suicidal Ideation: A Case Study
Author’s Details: Baijesh A. R.1, Suresh Kumar P. N.2 1PhD Scholar in Psychology, R & D Centre, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India.2 Professor, Department of Psychiatry, KMCT Medical College, Calicut, Kerala, India

Young adults pursuing higher education may experience it as a challenging period of transition and are vulnerable to many problems. Suicide is one of the most common reasons for death among young adults. With the increasing number of suicides and attempts among university students, the authorities, administrators and mental health professionals still lack the best knowledge about how to effectively protect students from suicidal thoughts and behaviours. Studies indicate, the traditional crisis intervention and counselling models based at the ‘campus counselling centres’ need significant modifications in their approach and methodology in the identification and treatment of suicidal behaviours at the ideational level itself. Solution focused therapeutic approach brings about a reorientation from a problem-focused direction to a solution-focused one in psychotherapy which is grounded in a competency-based and resource-based model. In this case study, application of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) for a 21-year-old Engineering third-year student presented with mild depression and suicidal ideations after a difficult break- up of a love relationship is described. Six sessions of SFBT intervention, spread over twelve weeks was employed. The suicidal ideation, hopelessness and depression of the client were assessed using self-report measures before and after the intervention, and at three months follow up. Effect of the intevention is examined.
Keywords: Solution Focused Brief Therapy, depression, suicidal ideation, college / univesity mental health
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8) Cash Flow Analysis – A case study of Madura Metal Works Private Limited (MMW)
Author Details: Madhava Priya, D-Assistant Professor (Finance) Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA),Chennai 600 034

Mr. Srinivasan switched on the TV to catch the headlines and saw the special address by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, announcing demonetisation of high valued currency notes, namely that of Rs. 1,000/-  and Rs.500/-. Mr. Srinivasan got a jolt that Tuesday because most of his money was locked in his business. Suddenly he realised that he was unable to pay his suppliers and also collect from many of the buyers for the goods he had supplied.  Over the next few days as he managed office, he realised that most suppliers expected immediate money payment, as soon as the goods were delivered. This situation started to create a dilemma for Mr. Srinivasan about how to manage the cash flow within the organisation.
He decided to call his team from the accounts department to discuss the unfolding events and to see how to make the cash forecast – cash required for Operating, Financing and investing activities in order to avoid cash crises.
Would Mr. Srinivasan be able to manage his cash flow within the firm, so that the extent of the cash requirement forecasted could be maintained or would MMW need to go for external financing?
Keywords: Cash Forecast, Cash Flow, Company Performance, Financial Management
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9) Exploring The Impact of Child Rearing Practices on Young Children’s Holistic Development in Chivi District, Zimbabwe
Author’s Details: (1)Melody Matsvange-Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education P. Bag 545 Chivi Masvingo, Zimbabwe (2)Rose M. Mugweni-Great Zimbabwe University Department of Educational Foundations P. O. Box 1235 Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Child rearing practices have consistently been shown to have an influence on children’s growth and development. Building on many researches done on how families bring up their children and with reference to Bronfrenbrenner’s Ecological Theory; the present study explored the impact of child rearing practices on young children’s holistic development in Chivi District of Zimbabwe.  Qualitative methods were used to collect data from a sample of fourteen (14) early childhood development (ECD) parents, three (3) caregivers and thirty-six (36) ECD B children. Results indicated that most children in Chivi District come from nuclear families that are authoritarian, authoritative or neglectful. The data collected also revealed that in Chivi district, raising children in extended families is no longer a common practice as it used to be in the past. A lot of factors were found to contribute to this extended family disintegration. It was also found out that authoritarian and neglectful parenting styles impacted on young children’s total development as well as caregivers’ use of both positive and negative techniques in handling children’s behaviours
Key Words:Child rearing practices, parenting styles, behaviour,
young children, nuclear family
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10) Evaluation Impact of the Brand on the Marketing Performance of Firms
Author’s Details: (1) Professor.Hosein Vazifehdoust (2)Alireza Ashouri Roudposhti
Ph.D. student of business management- marketing management Department of business management, faculty of management and economics Islamic Azad university-science and research branch

Nowadays, with the increased competition in all business areas having a brand is not a choice, rather it is an inevitable necessity that eventually will cause increase profitability and create competitive advantage.The brand is something that is caused the difference between vessels containing sugar, flour, mineral water and soft drinks. Marketing is an organizational task and a set of transaction processing that has need to a large amount of work and skill In the marketing world today, brand personality has attractive and charisma concept. The brand’s share can be developed through good management of customer relationship, honoring to the customer, and also according to customer’s needs, successfully. Given these issues in this study, we want to examine impact of the brand on the marketing performance of firms with providing definitions and concepts of the brand in the area of ​​firms’ marketing activity and show its significance in this field
Brand, Brand Equity, Marketing, Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy
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