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Volume 10, Issue 7

Volume 10, Issue 7

1) Solutions for Sustainable Development of Vietnam Marine Economy
Author’s Details: Dr. Vu Tuan Hung- Assoc.Prof.-SISS, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences Email: Contact number: 0084.913966388

Vietnam is a country with a large sea in the East Sea. Vietnam’s sea is long and beautiful, and contains many rich and diverse resources with good reserves and scale, allowing the development of many important marine economic fields. In fact, in recent years, Vietnam has not had a proper attention and practical overall strategy for the sea and islands. awareness of the position and role of the marine economy is not worthy. Therefore, the research to point out the current situation and propose solutions for the sustainable development of the marine economy is an essential step.
Marine economy; Marine development planning; Sustainable development of marine economy.
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Evolution of E-Funds Transfer and its Impact on Customer Satisfaction
Author’s Details: (1)Dr Sazir Nsubuga Mayanja FUIB FIIU PhD-School of Post Graduate Studies, University of Kigali, Kigali, Rwanda-Correspondent Author E-mail address: Shakira Mayanja-Centre for Advanced Research and Training Services

We trace the evolution of e-funds transfer and establish its impact on customer satisfaction in a developing or emergent economy. We chose Uganda.  In 1998 it established the National Payment System Secretariat (NPSS), mainly to reduce barriers to the use of electronic payments. We select Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited for our study. It is one of the early adopters of E-Funds Transfer. Our analysis indicates that there is a moderate positive relationship between e-fund transfer and customer satisfaction. We prove it statistically (r=0.323 p=0.003 n=82), significant at 95 % confidence level since p-value (Sig.) is less than 0.050 (=0.000).
Key Words
: E-Funds Transfer, Customer Satisfaction, Bank, Technology, Payment system

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3) Understanding the Metrics of Tax Compliance in the Informal Sector. A  Case Study of Nyarugenge District Rwanda
Author’s Details:(1)Dr Sazir Nsubuga Mayanja FUIB FIIU PhD Senior Lecturer, University of Kigali Corresponding Author’s Email: Joseph, lecturer at the University of Kigali, Rwanda Shakira Namutebi Mayanja Centre for Advanced Research and Training Services

Existence of governments and the social and political contracts between the governed and those who govern them is a central feature of modern society. The governed entrust those who govern them with the responsibility to provide security as well as physical and social infrastructure,among others, to live and enjoy quality life. They owe the mutual responsibility, to pay taxes.or other levy  to the governers. (Edame & Okoi, 2014).
The first known system of taxation was in Ancient Egypt around 3000–2800 BC in the first dynasty of the Old Kingdom. Therefore, taxation in its different forms has existed as long as society had the minimum elements of government (Taxation Handbook, 2015).
Key Words:Informal sector, tax compliance, developing countries, principles

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4) Uncommon Infection Mimicking Common Disease-Case Report: Disseminated Histoplasmosis Mimicking Tuberculosis in a Non- Endemic Country
Author’s Details: Dushantha Madegedara1, B M L S Basnayake2 S A Luckmy3, Prasanna Wijerathna5, I M Nawarathne4-1Senior Consultant Respiratory Physician, 2,3,4,Senior Registrars in Respiratory Medicine, 5Resident Respiratory Physician, National Hospital – Kandy, Sri Lanka. Corresponding author- Dushantha Madegedara (

Progressive disseminated histoplasmosis is very rare in immunocompetent individuals and is usually associated with high mortality if not treated promptly. There is a wide range of symptoms that often mimic mycobacterium tuberculosis which is a more prevalent infection in Sri Lanka. Hence, misdiagnosis of histoplasmosis is common especially, in non – endemic countries.
We present a case of disseminated histoplasmosis in an immunocompetent 47 – year – old male, who was admitted to the respiratory unit of National Hospital Kandy Sri Lanka, with symptoms of adrenal insufficiency preceded by chronic non-productive cough, low grade fever and constitutional symptoms. The chest radiography revealed bilateral miliary mottling. Initial investigations were negative for Mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungal infections, other atypical infections and sarcoidosis. Histological analysis of an enlarged axillary lymph node revealed granulomatous infection with caseation. Based on this as well as the clinical and radiographic presentation, the patient was commenced on anti-tuberculosis treatment (ATT) with systemic steroids as a trial. However, the clinical response to treatment was not adequate and the patient readmitted with new onset diarrhea and a painful oral ulcer. The histological examination of the oral ulcer confirmed the diagnosis of histoplasmosis. He was subsequently started on oral itraconazole and adrenal replacement therapy following which a dramatic improvement was observed
Key WordsHistoplasma capsulatum
, Histoplasmosis, Tuberculosis
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