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Volume 12 , Issue 07


1) The Impact of Capital Market on Manufacturing Sector Performance in Nigeria
Author’s Details: Akinbiola F.V. ( Olawunmi S.D, Owoeye T. S
Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria Department of Economics

Despite various exchange rate policies and other economic measures put in place by successive governments to enhance the growth of manufacturing sector in Nigeria, yet government is unable to achieve the desired result in term of growth. The study therefore examined the relationship between capital markets and manufacturing output in Nigeria.  Specifically, the study set out to analyse the long run relationship between capital markets and manufacturing output in Nigeria. The study covers the period between 1986 and 2020 utilizing data sourced from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) statistical bulletins and National Bureau of Statistics. ARDL Co-integration analysis and Error Correction model were employed to capture the stated objectives. The results showed that there is long run insignificant positive impact of market capitalisation (LNMCP), Total New Issues (LNTNI), Total Listed Securities (LNTLS), Exchange Rate (LNEXR), and Inflation Rate (LNINF) on manufacturing output (LNMANO). This implies that a unit increase in MCP, TNI, TLS, EXR, and INF will lead to 1.382584, 0.009264, 0.011217, 0.636583, and 1.029149, respective increases in Manufacturing Output (LNMANO) while there is insignificant negative impact of inflation rate (LNINF) and Value of transaction(VRT) on manufacturing output (LNMANO). Based on these findings, government should create enabling environment through provision of basic infrastructures, service and policy reforms that can enable Nigerian capital markets to mobilize financial resources effectively and efficiently
Capital Market, FDI, Economic Growth and ARDL model
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2) Development of Production Information and Control System for Bicol Block Precast Contractor
Author Details: Victorino B. Almario¹Associate Professor V, Research and Extension Focal Camarines Sur Institute of Fisheries and Marine Sciences- Philippines 

The study aims to develop the production information and control system of Bicol Block Precast Contractors considering monitoring the flow need for material plan to meet both the requirements of the master schedule and the capabilities of the production facility, to have an effective “time phased” deliveries, consignments and constant review of methods and maintenance of record integrity. All of these needs require application of material requirements planning in order to provide a system that will facilitate their production system. This system provides computer-based information system through the use of Microsoft Excel for ordering, scheduling, and managing dependent demand inventory requirements for wall panels produced by BBC Precast Contractor that can help them in reducing inventory and shortages through timely acquisitions and production of material. They can also improve customer service levels with an increase in on-time deliveries and direct labor productivity and provide them with accurate and timely information. MRP can provide full visibility of latest material requirements linked directly to production plan and served as a single planning process with all the information required to make informed planning decisions and also clears warnings of potential problems and affected orders directly on the plan when material availability changes.
Development of Production, Control System, Bicol Block Precast Contractor
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3) The Dialectic of Identity and Integrity of the Teacher in Parker Jay Palmer’s Philosophy
Author’s Details: Yufenyuy Berinyuy Frankline,Department of Philosophy, Catholic University of Cameroon, (CATUC), Bamenda Valentine Banfegha Ngalim (PhD) Department of Philosophy, Chair of Philosophy-Higher Teacher Training College-Bambili, University of Bamenda, Cameroon
It has been retained that the teaching- learning process often gives pride of place to the subject matter and method. Parker Jay Palmer holds that this approach to education conceals the place of the teacher in the educational transaction. In this light, Palmer observes that we tend to forget the invaluable role of the teacher on who so much depends. This paper set out to argue that debates in education has to cherish and challenge the human heart that is the source of good teaching. For Palmer, good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher. The main question this paper seeks to answer is, how does the identity and integrity (personality) of the teacher contribute to effective teaching and learning? How can the re-establishment of the teacher’s authority restore order and discipline within the school milieu? While Palmer thinks the complementarity of identity and integrity plays a key role in learning, Nel Noddings holds that the care shown to the students is key. Our central argument here is that identity, integrity and care are limited as sole determinants of effective teaching and learning. This limitation can be complimented by educarity which should be understood as envisioning oneself as part of a ring of love in which each individual self has worth in-itself and also as he/she relates to every other self.
Key words: Care, Identity, integrity, Teaching, Love, Curriculum, method, Teaching, and learning, Caritas, educarity, Educathority.
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4) Impact of Job Stress and Sleep Disturbance on the Occupational Health of Shift Nurses in Tertiary Care Hospitals, Lahore
Author’s Details: (1) Nida Nazir (2) Kiran Yamin (3) Sadia Fatima (4) Aqsa Latif (5) Ajmal Iqbal (6) Mehwish Sana (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing Corresponding Author: Ajmal Iqbal
This study was conducted at tertiary care hospitals of Lahore Pakistan in 2022 to identify the effects of job stress and sleep disturbance on occupational health of shift nurses. A descriptive cross-sectional study design was used with convenience sampling technique and a pre designed questionnaire was utilized to record the responses. A total of 312 nurses participated in this study. Approximately 75% nurses thought that job stress and changes in shift can disturb the occupational health due to poor sleep habits 8% of them disagreed with the statement while 16% remained neutral. Poor sleep or sleep disturbance was main reason of poor occupational health of shift nurses. In conclusion, nurses greatly affected by sleep disturbance that resulted in errors and conflicts between colleagues. Job stress can lead to conflict between colleagues and yourself. So, there is a dire need to resolve these concerns to achieve optimal performance from nurses.
Key words: job stress, sleep disturbance, occupational health.
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5) Stress-Induced During Initial Periods of Clinical Placement among Undergraduate Nursing Students of a Private Nursing College in Lahore
Author’s Details:1Mehwish Sana 2Ayesha mansha 3Hafsa malik 4*Ajmal Iqbal 5Kiran yamin 6Hafiza Ayesha 7Jannat bibi 8Saira abdul raheem 9Jasica kannedy 10Ayesha tariq
Organization: 1-10 Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing
*Corresponding Author
Nursing students undergoing initial period of clinical placement seem to have triggered a increased level of stress and has potential to lead to enormous challenges related to mental health. This study was aimed to determine stress and coping strategies during initial period of clinical rotations among undergraduate nursing students at a private nursing colleges in Lahore. A correlational cross-section study design was used. Total of 150 undergraduate nursing students participated in this research study and a self-administered questionnaire was used to collect the data. Majority of the participants were female, ages between 18 to 21 years. The summed up responses of the nursing students established that 68% responses indicate a strong possible association between stress and clinical placement while 15% of the students remained neutral while in their answers and 17 % disagreed to the statement. Therefore, it is recommended that nursing students must be trained in such a way to develop coping strategies to deal; with psychological triggers like stress to avoid its complications. Furthermore, mentors students must be accompanied by their mentors at all the time during clinical rotations.
Stress, mental health, clinical placement, coping strategies.
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6) Factors Affecting the Performance of the Secretariat of the Regional Representative Council (DPRD) In Implementing Secretariat Administration in Malang City
Author’s Details: ¹ Wanedi, ² Slamet Muchsin, ³ Afifuddin ¹’²’³ Islamic University of Malang Indonesia *Corresponding Author
DPRD Secretary (Sekwan) has a task formulation to help carry out all DPRD efforts and activities which include the implementation of information, finance and administration as well as assistance in the context of carrying out the duties, powers and rights and obligations of DPRD members. The Sekwan also has the task of coordinating, integrating and synchronizing the entire implementation of the Sekwan’s duties, preparing plans, processing, studying and preparing coordination for the formulation of DPRD leadership policies.
In this study, the type of research used is research using a qualitative approach and descriptive research type. Data collection techniques were carried out by interview, observation and documentation techniques. As well as data analysis using the interactive model analysis of Milles and Hubermas and Saldana 2014.
The DPRD institution is essentially a political sphere which is full of dynamics and tends to be permissive towards bureaucratic rules which are the task of facilitating the DPRD secretariat. The two Secretariats of the Malang City DPRD are regional apparatus, so that from the start the DPRD Secretary is the same to all staff who are positioned as State Civil Apparatuses. In carrying out tasks administratively responsible to the Mayor through the Regional Secretary. The appointment of the Malang City DPRD Secretary from the State Civil Apparatus became a dilemma in itself in carrying out the secretarial duties and functions of the DPRD. Thus, in carrying out its duties and functions, the mechanism is under the coordination of the Mayor and DPRD.
Research Results on the factors that influence the performance of the Secretariat of the Regional People’s Legislative Assembly (DPRD) Malang City in carrying out secretarial administration There are several problems inhibiting the implementation of the main tasks and functions of the Malang City Regional Secretariat, namely the not yet optimal implementation of bureaucratic reform, Demands for improving the quality of public services, Utilization of regional apparatus resources, Organizational Restructuring and Public Management, Regional Financial and Asset Management.
Factors, influence, performance, DPRD, Malang
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