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Volume 6, Issue 1

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Volume 6, Issue 1

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1) Distribution Natural Waves on the Viscoelastic Cylindrical Body in Plane Strain State.
Author’s Details: (1)Safarov Ismail Ibrohimovich –Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, Bukhara Technological Institute of Engineering, Republic of Uzbekistan. (2)Teshaev Mukhsin Khudoyberdiyevich-Candidate of Physical Mathematical Sciences, docent, Bukhara Technological Institute of Engineering, Republic of Uzbekistan.15 K. Murtazoyev Street, Bukhara site (3)Boltayev Zafar Ixtiyarovich–researcher, Bukhara Technological Institute of Engineering, Republic of Uzbekistan.15 K. Murtazoyev Street (4)Akhmedov Maqsud Sharipovich–senior researcher, Bukhara Technological- Institute of Engineering Republic of Uzbekistan. E-mail:, 15 K. Murtazoyev Street. (5)Rajabov Ozod Isroilovich-researcher, Bukhara Technological Institute of Engineering, Republic of Uzbekistan. 15 K. Murtazoyev Street

In this paper the distribution of natural waves in the viscoelastic disc is discussed.  The spectral problem is reduced to solving a system of ordinary differential equations of the first order with variable complex coefficients. The solution of differential equations is expressed by a special cylindrical Bessel functions and Hankel. The frequency equations are solved by numerical methods Muller and Gauss. The problem is solved numerically by the Godunov orthogonal sweep method and Mueller. Compares the numerical results.
keyword: natural oscillations, dissipative properties, the environment, spectral problem, the natural frequency, the wave number.
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2) Properties Of Wave Motion In A Cylindrical Shell Is In Contact With A Viscous Fluid.
Author’s Details:(1)Safarov Ismail Ibrahimovich Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, Bukhara Technological- Institute of Engineering, Republic of Uzbekistan.(2)Teshaev Mukhsin Khudoyberdiyevich- Candidate of Physical Mathematical Sciences, docent, Bukhara Technological Institute of Engineering, Republic of Uzbekistan. 15, K. Murtazoyev Street.(3)Boltayev Zafar  Ixtiyarovich – researcher, Bukhara Technological Institute of Engineering, Republic of Uzbekistan.15 K. Murtazoyev Street (4)Akhmedov Maqsud Sharipovich  – Senior researcher, Bukhara Technological- Institute of Engineering Republic of Uzbekistan. 15, K. Murtazoyev Street.

The distribution of natural waves in a cylindrical shell (elastic or viscoelastic) in contact with the viscous fluid is discussed. The problem to the solution of spectral problems with complex input parameters is reduced. Systems of ordinary differential equations by the Godunov orthogonal sweep method with a combination of Muller method is solved numerically. Dissipative processes in the mechanical system, an mechanical effect, describes the intensity of the flow of mechanical energy studied.
Keywords: shell, viscous fluid, spectral problem, frequency, phase velocity.
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3) Voltage Deformable State Parallel Arrangement of Cylindrical Pipe with a Liquid under Harmonic Loads.
Author’s Details: (1)Safarov Ismail Ibrohimovich Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, Bukhara Technological Institute of Engineering, Republic of Uzbekistan. (2)Marasulov Abduraxim– Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor (3)Shodiyev Ziyodullo Ochilovich – Candidate of Technical Sciences. Assistant professor, Bukhara Technological Institute of Engineering, Republic of Uzbekistan.15 K. Murtazoyev Street (4)Axmedov Maxsud Sharipovich – researcher, Bukhara Technological Institute of Engineering, Republic of Uzbekistan.15 K. Murtazoyev Street

The paper deals with the stress-deformed state parallel cylindrical tubes with liquid. The problem is solved in the orientation of the cylindrical coordinate system under the influence of harmonic waves. An analytical solution for special Bessel functions and Hankel and numerical results. Parametric analysis of dynamic stress factor.
a cylindrical tube, the liquid harmonic wave, bi cylindrical coordinate system, special features.
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4) Iranian Woman as Reflected in Travel Books written in Qajar Period by European Travelers.
Author Details: Dr. Ali Zamani Alavijeh-Department of Literature and Humanities, Payame Noor University, Po Box 19395-3697, Tehran, Iran

Foreign travelers to any country usually record their observations precisely and these recordings provide any nation with valuable resources based on which they could scrutinize the dominant culture and worldview prevailing in a specific period of time in the target land. The present paper aims to delineate foreign travelers’ outlooks and viewpoints regarding Iranian women in Qajar period as reflected in their travel books. To this end, their observations regarding women’s personality traits, clothing style, habits, beliefs, familial relationships and appearance are analyzed. It should not be forgotten that while many of these observations are recorded impartially and objectively, we could positively assume that these recordings are by no means devoid of prejudice and preconception. Readers will get acquainted with many startling and absorbing facts regarding women which could not be found in native sources.
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5) A Survey of Wonders and Marvels of Europe in a Unique Persian Manuscript.
Author Details: Ali Zamani Alavijeh-Department of Literature and Humanities, Payame Noor University, Po Box 19395-3697, Tehran, Iran
Marvelous Manuscripts hold a salient position in each country’s culture; some of which change into myths and the other foster the production of different literary works. Geographers and historians embelish their writings with those contents as well. Some of these materials are offsprings of imagination and the others based on fact. Reflection of those materials in ancient historical works was deemed common. Odysius of Homer in the West literature much like Sandbad Nameh, Eskandar Nameh and Shahnameh in the East literature serve as good examples of the mentioned reflection. The present marvelous manuscript is authored in the middle of 13th century and has devided marvels into two categories of natural and human. Natural marvels on which human being exerts no influence are as follows: marvels pertaining to animals, plants and trees, mountains, stones and mines, rivers, springs, wells and seas and also heavenly marvels. Human marvels on the other hand consist of the following. Marvels pertaining to spiritual and physical conditions of human beings, marvels pertaining to monuments built by humans, marvels pertaining to human inventions and innovations, marvels pertaining to magic spells, and mervels pertaining to wars and battles. The present work extracts the above-mentioned marvels which concern Europe in one way or another.
Key Words: Wonder, Nature, Marvels ,Human,Europe
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6) Femmes Et Gestion Communautaire De L’eau  Au Burkina Faso: Enjeux Et Perspectives.
Author’s Details: (1) Dr Traore Ramatou, Université Péléforo Gon Coulibaly De Korhogo (2)Dr Eveline M.F.W. Compare/ Sawadogo Institut De L’environnement Et De La Recherche Agricole (Inera) Attachée De Recherche A L’institut De L’environnement Et De La Recherche Agricole (Inera)
The framework for the water management sector has been shaped over time by natural circumstances and events (gender issues, conflicts between different professionals, permanent conflicts between farmers and breeders etc.). Such conflicts have led to the awareness of policy makers from the ministries to reorient the water policies management and strategies. Thus, since the Rio Summit in 1992, water management models have changed to focus more on social considerations, with the participation of grassroots communities as a focal point. Thus, in Burkina Faso, water management has evolved from a traditional management to a so-called integrated and participative management with the establishment of the PAGIRE in September 1998. The PAGIRE in its field of action number 7 focused on gender by recognizing the role of women and youth in water management issues. It is in this innovative process through participative approach that an opportunity for the consideration, interessment and enrolment of women appear very important. The socio-Technical System (ST-System) is the going to help understanding the phenomenon of the shift to the participatory approach for a better management of water. Thus, the enrollment of women in the management of water is a very key event in the history of water management in Burkina Faso. This article therefore aims through a qualitative method using interviews to collect and analyze this process of shift in water management process in order to describe this process and to analyze the new emerging issues.
Key Words
: water management, participation, gender
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7) Political Coalition and Uncertainty in the Alternation to State Power in Africa: An Illustration from the Ivorian Case.
Author Details:(1)Fofana Memon, Oulai.T.Roger, Sangaré Moussa-Sociologists Péléforo Gon Coulibaly University, Felix Houphouet Boigny University
On  September 14, 2014, , during the state visit of President of the Republic in the region called IFFOU, the chairman of PDCI-RDA asked its militants to support the candidacy of President Ouattara in the 2015 presidential elections. According Henri Konan Bédié, President of the PDCI, the objective of such a choice is twofold: Ensure the success of the RHDP in the 2015 elections and lead to a unified party called PDCI-RDR to govern Côte d’Ivoire. It being understood that these two parties will be able to establish between them the alternation to the post of president of the republic as early as 2020. Would it really be possible to achieve this alternation, especially in the current context of plurality and political division? On this basis, this article tries to question the uncertainties that structure this future alternation in a context of political plurality.
Keywords: Elections, RHDP,
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8) Impact of Environmental Concern, Advertisement and Word Of Mouth on Green Purchase Behavior: An Analysis from Pakistan.
Author’s Details: (1)Raheel Hayat,
MS (Marketing), University Institute of Management Sciences, Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan. (2)Adeel Ahmed, MS (Marketing), University Institute of Management Sciences, Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Environmental concern, Advertisement and Word of mouth are the important predictor of green purchasing behavior. This study is done to examine the impact of environmental concern, advertisement and word of mouth with green purchase behavior. Green marketing practices are lack in Pakistani market as compare to other countries. There was need to identify the reason of this problem. Findings of our study revealed that environmental concern, advertisement and word of mouth significantly impact on green purchase behavior. Further those different steps should be taken in order to increase the positive word of mouth as this variable can impact more on green purchase behavior as compared to other variables.
Key words: environmental concern, advertisement, word of mouth and green purchase behavior.
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9) A Rarely Adverse Reaction Case of Combined Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTP) Vaccination.
Author’s Details: (1) Ning Tang (2) Bing Zhang Rui –(1) Corresponding author: Department of Public Health, Flinders University, Australia  (2) Co-author: Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Yunyang, Chongqing, China

A rarely adverse reaction case of combined diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (DTP) vaccination was reported. The injection site in the arm of a two-year-boy presented swelling and redness, and itching four hours after having given the second dose of DTP vaccine. Meanwhile, he showed drowsiness, non-stop crying and fretfulness, and felt severe pain and soreness or tenderness in the arm. Then, his arm displayed local edema and scattered rash. The boy had a low-grade temperature fever, and came out mucous blisters in the arm, allergic rash or hives (urticatria) and angioneurotic edema one day later. However, his symptoms and conditions alleviated and improved gradually after the combined treatment of anti-infection, anti-allergy and local wet compress of a week. The child recovered fully one week later.
Key Words: DTP Vaccination, Adverse Reaction, Symptom, Allergy, Treatment,Recovery.
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10Online Marketing Challenges of Tourism Products in Albania.
Author Details: Dr. Dafina Nazaj-“Reald” University of Vlora, Albania
Customer communication in a virtual environment is gaining more and more a new dimension. The globalization of markets made it necessary to use more sophisticated methods to convey product attributes and its target market, despite the difficulties that may be in terms of vulnerability test or tests for specific products. By reducing communication costs, technological changes have encouraged tourism companies to move from mass communication to specific communications.
The spread of internet has given a large number of people, judging methods to better products and services. This has made it possible to determine the circumstances when a consumer is more informed about the real value of a product on the market than the suppliers themselves.
The purpose of this article is to show marketing online tourist products, the challenges he faced and the strategies that should be used in order to meet the needs of a target market and creating competitive advantage either through differentiation satisfying needs better target market, or whether through lower cost to serve this part of the market, or through both.
The study involves the use of secondary data and interviews with professionals in the field of tourism and leading tourism enterprises in Albania, in order to help travel agencies and managers of tourism to adapt the strategies of differentiation to meet the profile of the tourist services that offer their web-sites in the target market of tourists.
Key words:
Online, marketing, customer, strategy, competitive advantage, target market, tourism.
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11) Does Personality Type Affect People Preference for the Golden Ratio? An Mbti Personality Approach
Author Details: Ching-yi Wang-Assistant Professor Department of Industrial Design – Tatung University No.40, Sec. 3, Jhongshan N. Rd. Jhongshan District Taipei City 104 Taiwan (R.O.C.)

This study investigates whether personality type affects one’s ratio preference by classifying people into different personality types based on the MBTI test from developmental psychology. 749 subjects were initially surveyed in this study. Of these subjects, 656 (270 designers and 386 novices) with a single personality type participated in an additional survey. 15 rectangle ratios were tested, including horizontal and vertical samples. Subjects were asked to evaluate their preferences for each rectangle using a Likert scale ranging from 1 to 5. The results were concluded that both personality type and educational background affect ratio preference. Moreover, T type is more inclined to prefer the nearly square rectangle, while F type is more able to accept the extreme proportions of rectangles.
Keywords: golden ratio, MBTI, preference measures
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12) Managing Human Resources, the Fedex Way
Author’s Details: (1) Dr. V.S.P.Rao, Professor and Dean at IBS, Room no: C- 206, 2nd floor, C-Wing, IBS college campus, Dontanapally, Sankarpally Road, Hyderabad, Telegana-501203. (2)Sharda Singh, Research scholar at IBS, Room no: D- 211, 2ndfloor, D-wing, IBS college campus, Dontanapally, Sankarpally Road, Hyderabad, Telegana-501203.

“Federal Express Corporation (FedEx) invented the express transportation and logistics industry in 1973.  The company offered a service to ship packages of many sizes over both short and long distances.  Speed and reliability were the core strengths of the company. Frederick Smith, the founder believed right from the inception that in order to stay ahead of competition and to deliver value to customers, he had to create a stimulating workplace and encourage his employees to give their best. FedEx encouraged employees to come out with innovative solutions apart from delivering documents and packages on time.  It followed the people first policy at all times and shared the benefits of progress with employees. There was clear communication at all levels. There were sincere and genuine efforts to upgrade skills and competencies of employees through constant training sessions. Employee development was given top priority. The company had put excellent reward programs in place. It went out of the way to attract and retain talent through excellent HR practices. The case study throws light on how those HR best practices have helped the company to outwit competition and deliver unmatched value to customers all over the globe consistently”. Key words:  FedEx, HR practices, People-Service-Profit Philosophy
JEL classification code: J5 
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13) Impact of Psychological Contracts on Organizational Changes
Author’s Details: (1)Irfan Ahmed Lashari – Lecture, Government Commerce College Ghotki (2) Dr. Mohmammad Saleh Memon-Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur (3) Dr. Irfan Ali-Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur

Organizational Re-organization (acquisitions, mergers, and downsizing) is almost certainly most universal strategic maneuvers in business. Given the critical significance of human being for their achievement, present research paid serious attention on two important issues. First to discover the special effects of organizational re-organizing (acquisitions, mergers, and downsizings) upon psychological contract and its breach of employees doing their job public as well as private sector of commercial banks working in Sukkur region and their effect on turnover intentions, second, to investigate the influence of Job satisfaction in association with the re-organization and psychological contracts and its breach. This was a cross-sectional research in which data of 330 employees (banks officials) were collected from public as well as private commercial banks working in Sukkur region through internet, express, and personal based investigation. Cronbach’s alpha, Bartlett’s test of sphericity and regression analysis were applied to test various hypothesis designed for present research study. Present research looks into the manner that organizational re-organization (acquisitions, mergers, and downsizing) has significant optimistic, pessimistic and equal impacts on psychological contract and its breach in response to that influences increases or job satisfactions decreases. Findings of this research are also highlighted that employees are satisfied but are more satisfied through the switching from one bank to another bank.
Keywords: Organizational Change, Organizational Re-structuring, Psychological Contract and its breach, Job satisfaction, and turnover intentions
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14) Stock Market Development & Economic Growth in Pakistan (The Causal Linkage)
Author’s Details: (1) Safia Khan-Mphil Scholar, Department of Business Administration-Shah Abdul Latif University, khairpur, Sindh-Pakistan. (2) Muhammad Asif Channa-Lecturer in commerce, Education and Literacy Department Government of Sindh. (3) Dr. Irfan Ali-Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration-Shah Abdul Latif University, khairpur Sindh-Pakistan

The trend of financial globalization has proved to be an improvement tool of measurement for each nation to restructure the domestic stock market for value exchanges, endorse economic growth by forming a compatibility of domestic exchange with international standards and compare the state of the economy to worldwide nations for how to achieve their financial goals. Same has been observed in this study by focusing on Pakistan stock market development that may provide us Causal linkage towards the economic growth of nation; particularly on KSE performance for Market capitalization, average daily value turnover, turnover ratio and a number of listed companies from the year 2000 to 2014. Literature suggested that KSE is at its highest of performance, leaving giant stock markets of developed nations far behind. Empirical analysis supported the hypothesis that stock market development has significant impact on economic growth as per regression results; whereby the both variables simultaneously affect each other as per correlation results and finally it promotes economic growth at the cost of establishing better or best organizational structure for stock market and strictness of operational policies in our findings to sustain the competency of operations in it for long-run economic outcomes.
Keywords: Market Capitalization (MC), Stock Market (SM), Stock Market Development (SMD), gross domestic product (GDP)
and Economic Growth (EG).
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