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Volume 7, Issue 6

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Volume 7, Issue 6

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1) Mixed Fractional Integration In Mixed Weighted Generalized Hölder Spaces
Author Details: Tulkin Mamatov-Bukhara Technological Institut of Engineering, Department of Higher mathematics. st. K. Murtazaev 15, Bukhara, Republic of Uzbekistan

We consider operators of mixed fractional integration in weighted generalized Hölder spaces of a function of two variables defined by a mixed modulus of continuity
:  functions of two variables, mixed fractional integral, mixed difference, generalized Hölder spaces, weighted spaces, modulus, mixed modulus of continuity
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2) Applicability of Apprenticeship Model on Language Development of 4-5 Year Olds in Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Author’s Details: (1)Linos Zimbowa (2)Kudzai Chinyoka* (1)Morgenster Teachers College, Masvingo (2)Great Zimbabwe University, Department of Educational Foundations *Corresponding Author’s Email:

this research examined the applicability of apprenticeship model on language development of 4-5year olds at Gangare cluster, Bikita in Zimbabwe with the aim of identifying principles of apprenticeship model like active participation, scaffolding, and imitation. This study is informed by the theories of Barbara Rogoff and Lev Vygotsky. Both theories share the principle of Social-Constructivism. Social-Cultural theory and apprenticeship model view education as socially constructed. Therefore, the study views societal members as very important for young learners’ language development. Qualitative research paradigm was employed by the researcher during the research. The researcher used a descriptive design. The purposive sampling method was employed to get the sample of twenty (20) pupils and two caregivers who participated in the research. Findings were inferred from the employed observations and interviews. This study established that principles of the apprenticeship model, effectively contribute to children’s language development. The results of this study revealed that limited resources, incorrect staffing, lack of staff development sessions and high enrolment affect children’s language development. The research study proposed that school administrators should monitor school enrolment for the school not to be under or overstaffed and that schools should schedule and organize staff development sessions and workshops for teachers to develop the language of 4-5-year-olds
: Apprentice, Expert, Novice, Scaffolding, Imitation, and Zone of Proximal Development
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3) Effect of Motivation on Employee Performance in CCECC Limited (China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Nigeria)
Author Details: (1)Kowo Solomon Akpoviroro-Department of Business and Entrepreneurship,Kwara State University, Malete Nigeria (2)Sabitu Olalekan Owotutu-Ogun State Institute of Technology Igbesa Nigeria Department of Business Administration

The paper examine the effect of motivation on the performance of employees using the case of CCECC, Nigeria. This study was guided by the following research questions (i) what is the impact of motivational goal-setting on performance of employees? (ii) What is the effect of financial incentives on employee performance? (iii) How do recognition and reward programs affect performance.The target population for this study was all the employees of CCECC Nigeria  at the headquarters in Lagos. A descriptive research design was adopted. The census technique was used in the study to select the respondents from the list of employees provided by the human resource department in order to capture the entire population, thus, the sample size of the study was 50. The research was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS) version 24. The study revealed that the management of CCECC partially used motivational goal-setting to motivate their employees.The study also showed that there was a lack of regular training and development for the employees to improve their key skills and knowledge and this is an area that should be addressed. Therefore, the management should re-structure the goals they provide and implement mentorship and training programs. The study concluded that the company partially used recognition and reward programs but they were not effective in motivating employees to perform. It was revealed that pay received and the benefits package was not viewed by the employees as being competitive when compared to other construction organizations. The study concluded that money was a highly motivating factor for the employees and management should look into increasing the monetary and benefits package they give. The current recognition and reward programs were perceived by the employees as being inequitable and unfair.Therefore, the study recommends that management re-evaluates and re-engineers the current recognition and reward program and therefore change the perception of the employees about it.
Keywords: Employee Motivation, Employee performance, Goal-Setting, Financial Incentives, Recognition and Reward, Employee training.

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4) Housing as a Basic Need for Human
Author’s Details:(1)Ezeano, CI (2)Gbughemobi, B O-Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria

PURPOSE: The purpose of this research paper is to examine analyzing and outlining the growth of the housing industry and its rights. The main purpose is to eliminate the problem related to the relevancy and application of housing complexities and its systems across the world
DESIGN OR METHODOLOGY: This paper is set out according to the principle instruments and the rights of development of housing regional and other related bodies. The analysis of the housing system is basically organized on the basis of housing system of development and channels and networks of legal and lawful means of professional concerns and their domains
FINDINGS: All across the world the rights for housing is being considered as a lawful and constitutional concerned nationally and internationally. The findings also suggest the significance of housing rights and the conceptual frame work of human rights effect the implementation. Professional epistemic community development of the housing shape the policies and procedures and laws. The paradiagm of housing foundation and rights are effectively translated into developed fashion of designing housing system
RESULTS: Collection of data through the questionnaire are based on 7 likert scale throughout and the findings estimation is dependable more over the cost and benefit analysis. Primary data are collected through survey, questionnaire and observation and secondary data are collected through  books , articles , research papers , journals , literature , published material , other sources , print media article collection , magazines , newspapers , published electronic services , e-journals , websites , weblogs , unpublished general records , government records health education and census data , public and private sector records and retrospective information. To analysis the data statistical package for social sciences software has been used. Correlation and regression analysis of cost and benefit analysis shows the mean value of 5.2822 and standard deviation of 1.54744
CONCLUSION: In short the conclusion is that the wave of market economy downturn has a greater strength into its own self financially and the research study proofs that conducting the research study is crucial and beneficial towards the societal developmental factors
The required research is not enough for the development of housing project management as a whole or specifically the example of effectiveness of the rights of housing and its elements of its whole system implication
Housing, Building, Finance, Development, Environment, Taxation, Cost, Affordability, Hypothesis, Concerns about Housing
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