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Volume 9 , Issue 3

Volume 9, Issue 3

1) Customer Response Analysis in Tomato and Onion Value Addition: A Case Khairpur Mir’s Sindh-Pakistan
Author’s Details:(1)Dr.Faiz Muhammad Shaikh-Associate Professor, (2)Dr.Sagheer Shaikh-Professor, Institute of Food Technology, SAU-Tando jam (3)Tim Sun-Research fellow at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia (4)Dr.Asia Punhwar-Assistant Professor , Institute of Food Technology-SAU-Tando jam

Value addition in agriculture predominantly offers a means to increase, rejuvenate and stabilize farm income. The study carries out in Kumb District Khairpur Mirs.  Survey was conducted using a questionnaire, where 40 household heads and 300 customers were sampled and interviewed, the main Objectives of study was to Specifically, this study focused on the impact of training provided to farmers on their perceived knowledge, acquisition of skills and adoption level of value added practices. Customer response analysis of tomato and onion Value Addition in kumb Khairpur Mirs Sindh.  A structural questionnaire was developed for the reliability and validity of data.   Farmers were given training at WADO office kumb for how to make value addition tomato powder, tomato jam, onion pickle, onion chilli mixed pickle, onion powder, onion flakes, it was revealed that tomato powder, tomato jam, onion pickle, onion chilli mixed pickle, onion powder, onion flakes value added products training was given to the 40 farmers female/male at WADO office on 12-01-2019.  We have arranged one display shop at Kumb to analyse the response of the people of Khairpur Mirs.  It was revealed that 98% of the customers were satisfied our new value added products of Potato and they purchased Rs.5300 in short span of time. findings of the study conclude: (i) education level of participants, post-harvest knowledge and attitude towards value addition are contributing factors for improving the positive impact of training, (iii) more feasible strategies (e.g. increasing training duration) are required for improving participant’s skills and (iv) several interventions (e.g. generating new market)  CAPI, ACIARs and other partners are playing important role to improve the livelihood of the rural farmers  The study recommends the policy should emphasize: increasing agricultural and post-harvest knowledge content in formal education, developing and manifesting a positive attitude and improving skills of potential producers, as well as improving producer’s access to resources. The finding of this research reveals that Tomato and onion value addition generate more valuable income for the vegetable growers in Kumb Khairpur Mirs they can earn 170,000 to 200,000/acre  depends on their land.
Key words:Value addition, Tomato, Onion, Khairpur Mirs, Sindh-Pakistan
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Knowledge Management: A Case Study of the Citizen Foundation
Author’s Details:
(1)Arslan Ali Channa-e-mail: student-Kaplan Business School Melbourne, Australia (2)Dr.Faiz Muhammad Shaikh-Associate Professor-SZABAC-Dokri, Dahar-Post Graduate Student, ANU-Canberra (4)Dr.Mubashir Mehdi-Assistant Professor-University of Agriculture Faisalabad

This report has identified and presented details action-plans for
TCF to work on in the quest of improving its knowledge management practices. It has catered several areas that includes from strategic, middle, to bottom levels management. This report is literature driven and hence incorporated the framework of Holsapple and Joshi’s  (2004)  and identified elements that influence knowledge management practices of TCF and illustrated  a  detailed  plan  of  how these can be tackled,  activities that  need to be implemented and  how  these will be implemented to flourish the right practices, and finally what resources  are needed to achieve  the given goals and objectives
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An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Microfinance in Alleviation of Poverty: A Case Study of Sindh, Pakistan
Author’s Details:(1)Muhammad Shaaban Jamro-PhD Scholar, PhD Scholar-Deptt: of Public Administration – Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Mirs(2)Prof. Dr. Syed Noor Shah Bukhari-Professor and Registrar, Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Mirs (3)Prof. Dr. Syed Maqsood Zia-Professor & Director Campus Ghotki , Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Mirs 
This research investigates An evaluation of the effectiveness of Micro Finance in alleviation of Poverty: A case study of Sindh Pakistan.
The study was conducted in selected villages of these few districts like Mirpurkhas district data collected on microfinance beneficiaries. There were three major Microfinance Providers (MFPs) were included in the analysis and study sample was drawn from the clients of Khushhalibank Limited (KBL), First Microfinance Bank (FMFB) and National Rural Support Program (NRSP). The analysis includes 350 microfinance beneficiaries of Mirpurkhas. The study also examined the role of microfinance in rural businesses of rural poor in Sindh, by knowing the extent of access of credit over farm and non-farm activities and correlated the provision of microfinance with poverty alleviation and socioeconomic characteristics among the participants in the study area. The findings of the study show that despite of poor infrastructure MFPs have made successful access to remote areas where very limited life facilities are available to the population. Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) have maximized their access to poor people through group lending philosophy. There are very favorable lending policies for poor people that attract rural population to microfinance institutions and they are better alternate of the local money lenders who usually charge higher interest rates as compared to the microfinance industry. Microfinance has provided access to credit and other financial services to low income and poor people on a sustainable basis. Microfinance Providers generally offer three types of services to their clients in rural areas. These are small loans, smaller savings, and micro insurance. In rural areas, small farmers, landless tenants and micro entrepreneurs are the target market of microfinance Institutions and have got microfinance services from different MFPs.
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How Research Informs Crucial Areas of Our Lives in These Times of Public Skepticism
Author’s Details: *Annette Mohan, Ph.D – A & M University, Normal, AL 35762 Telephone: 256-372-5525-Email: (2)Grace Jepkemboi, Ph.D – University of Alabama at Birmingham – EB 116, 1720 2nd Avenue S-Birmingham, AL 35294-1250-Telephone: 205-934-6674 Email:*Corresponding author

Research is the lens that enables one to see hidden truth and guide one’s informed decision making. Over many centuries research has been the spine behind informed crucial decisions in the areas of education, science, politics, sociology, economics, medicine, nutrition, history, human and civil rights. An appreciation of the role and importance of research and scholarship requires the understanding of the impact of research in in our daily lives.

The purpose of this paper is to describe how research has affected sound decision making throughout history and has provided clarity about divisive issues in times of public skepticism.  Examples range from the public skepticism at the time of civil rights and women’s rights of the last century to issues in the 21st century such as climate change, immigration, children’s rights, rights of individuals with special needs, empowerment of marginalized communities and philanthropy.
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5) A Rare Presentation of an Uncommon Disease – Intracardiac and Pulmonary Plasmacytoma Presenting With Respiratory Symptoms – A Case Report
Author’s Details: Dushantha Madegedara1 Sajani Dharmadasa1 Asela Bandara1 Sachini Seneviratne1 Lihini Basanayake1 (1)Respiratory unit, National Hospital, Kandy, Sri Lanka.Corresponding Author-Dushantha Madegedara (

Multiple myeloma (MM) is part of a spectrum of diseases ranging from monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS) to plasma cell leukemia. It can have a varied presentation ranging from asymptomatic to severely symptomatic depending on the extent of end organ involvement. The extramedullary spread of multiple myeloma is a rare entity resulting from the hematogenous spread of neoplastic plasma cells with a reported incidence of 7% to 18% in newly diagnosed MM (1). MM with extramedullary disease affecting multiple sites is an extremely rare entity (2). We report a case of multiple myeloma with pulmonary and intracardiac plasmacytoma at diagnosis in a 61-year-old male.
Multiple myeloma, Pulmonary plasmacytoma, cardiac plasmacytoma
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6) Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis as the Presenting Manifestation of Metastatic Carcinoma of Unknown Primary- A Case Report
Author’s Details: Dushantha Madegedara1 Asela Bandara1 S. A. Luckmy1 Vishaka Panditha Gunawardena1(1) National Hospital, Kandy, Sri Lanka.Corresponding Author-Dushantha MadegedaraEmail-
Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) is a potentially life threatening condition characterized by uncontrolled immune response associated with multiorgan involvement leading to high mortality. Aetiologically, HLH is classified into primary and secondary forms, in which, malignancy accounts for a significant proportion of secondary HLH. However, non-hematological malignancies triggering HLH has been reported rarely. We report a unique case of HLH as the presenting manifestation of a carcinoma of unknown primary.
A 75 year old male with hypertension and dyslipidemia presented with 3 week history of fever and cough. A physical examination revealed pallor, axillary lymphadenopathy and mild splenomegaly. Investigations noted elevated inflammatory markers with anemia and markedly raised white cells. However, infection screening was negative. Computerized tomography (CT) identified multiple mediastinal lymph node enlargements which were histologically proven as malignant infiltrates. Bone marrow examination recognized low grade hemophagocytosis. With the aid of hyperferritinemia and hypofibrinogenemia, diagnosis of HLH was arrived. However, extensive investigations failed to identify primary site of origin for the metastatic malignancy.
Key words: Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, malignancy, fever, mediastinal lymphadenopathy
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7) Determining different categories of African mothers in the SDA Church in Suba-Sub County, Kenya
Author’s Details: (1)Justine Ochieng Aila (2)Dr. Gor Ochieng  Peter.Department of Humanities and Economics, Rongo University, Kenya
The purpose of this study was to investigate different categories of African mothers in the SDA Church inGwassi Sub-Station in Suba Sub-County, Kenya. Specifically the study sought to achieve one objective viz:Determine different categories of African mothers in the SDA  Church Suba-Sub-County and how they minister to them.  The study adopted a case study research design. The researcher undertook an intensive analysis on the prevailing situation using in-depth knowledge of the study variables. The study also employed stratified random sampling technique where various categories of leaders and women in the Church were interviewed. The total sample size was 300. A questionnaire was administered to single women, widows, women in polygamous marriages and men. Focused group discussions targeting all women in the Church, pastors and elders were also employed. The study established that the work of SDA Church has not yielded much success in leadership. This has made many women join other churches in the Sub-Station. The study has also revealed that African mothers continue to suffer marginalization within the SDA Church and the church has ignored their plight. The study concluded that, there are many women suffering in Suba Sub-County, but the Church has kept quiet concerning their plight and is only interested in their numerical and financial benefit. The research recommended effective Pastoral Ministry guidance for pre-marital and post-marital counseling programs, inclusion of women in leadership positions and a review of Church doctrines which could be relevant to issues affecting African mothers.
Key Terms:
Seventh Day Adventist Church, Women Leadership, Suba-Sub-County
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8) Study of the Problems Associated With Producing a Satisfactory Definition of Terrorism and Analysis of the Main Characteristics of Terrorism
Author’s Details: Meliadis Miltiadis1, Sipitanou Afroditi2, Chalaris Michail[1] International Hellenic University – Hellenic Fire Academy, MSc in Analysis and management of manmade and natural disasters, Greece,

2 International Hellenic University – Hellenic Fire Academy, MSc in Analysis and management of manmade and natural disasters, Greece,
3 International Hellenic University – Hellenic Fire Academy, School of Fire Officers, Military Nursing Academy (SAN), MSc in Analysis and Management of Manmade and Natural Disasters, and MSc in Oil and Gas Technology, Hellenic Fire Corps, Greece,  (Corresponding author)
In this paper, an attempt will be made to analyze the term Terrorism. This term is a rather difficult, complex and multidimensional, and for that the definitions for it vary as we will see below. In addition, a deepening of the main features of terrorism will be carried out as well as the problems and the reasons why it is difficult to have a precise definition of the term terrorism. Terrorism is a term widely used, especially this period of human history but not precisely defined. Initially, a historical review of terrorism will be presented. Additionally, several definitions of the term Terrorism are recorded and analyzed. This analysis is purely bibliographical and is directly related to the need of identifying the difficulty of understanding the different approaches of terrorism, its definitions, the beliefs that it supports and how is used through ages from different groups. Terrorism has up to 100 definitions and can be used in order to support different agendas. Moreover, the main approaches of terrorism defer depending the era, the area, the cultural and historical understanding of people, its purposes and how authorities want to use it. Finally, in this paper the principal difficulties of identifying terrorism are noted down as also a general conclusion of the phenomenon of terrorism.
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9) A Disaster Resilience Approach Applying In a Smart City Concept
Author’s Details: Nikolaos Stasinopoulos1, Michail Chalaris1 MSc in Analysis and Management of Manmade and Natural Disasters, International Hellenic University – Fire Officers School  (Greece) – 2 International Hellenic University – Hellenic Fire Academy, School of Fire Officers, Military Nursing Academy (SAN), MSc in Analysis and Management of Manmade and Natural Disasters, and MSc in Oil and Gas Technology, Hellenic Fire Corps, Greece,  (Corresponding author)

The development of smart cities aims to modernize traditional cities, combining the expertise of all sectors initiative under the supervision of public services, enriching them with the results of the scientific community. Initially, in this paper, the definitions and the characteristics of smart cities will be analyzed and formulated according to numerous formulated surveys. After that we will refer to the natural and man-made disasters that affect a city, and how we can minimize the vulnerabilities of a city in order to be resilient and safe. Moreover, we will try to delineate some of the key resilience strategies and actions that need to be implemented so that a city can adapt and evolve to smart. The smart cities ‘verticals’ are diverse, including water, waste, energy, transportation, finance, and payments, health, safety, and security, agriculture and more. Finally, these critical factors must in service regardless of the pressures and emergency situations that may arise.
Smart City, Disasters, Vulnerability, Urban Resilience.
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10) Studying Laws to Protect People with Disabilities: The Case of Vietnam
Author Details: Minh Tuyen Pham, Phd-People’s Tribunal President of Bac Ninh province-46 Nguyen Gia Thieu, Suoi Hoa Ward, Bac Ninh City

The objective of this paper is to assess the current situation of the legal provisions on the rights and protection of the interests of people with disabilities in Vietnam and thereby analyze the difficulties and problems that need to be addressed. Based on an overview of the current legal provisions on the rights and protection of benefits for people with disabilities, the author analyzed the difficulties to overcome and recommended some solutions to ensure benefits and protect to protect people with disabilities in Vietnam.
: Persons with disabilities, Law on persons with disabilities, Vietnam.
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11) Current Situation of Local Budget Management of the Province: Case of Hai Duong, Vietnam
Author Details: Thi Thuy Ha Hoang, MA-People’s Committee of Thanh Ha district, Hai Duong province, Vietnam

The paper summarizes studies on budget expenditure management, thereby analyzing the situation of local budget revenue and expenditure management in Hai Duong Province, Vietnam. The situation of provincial budget revenues and expenditures is still inadequate, since then the author has proposed recommended solutions to improve the efficiency of local budget management in Hai Duong Province, Vietnam.
Budget, local budget management, Hai Duong, Vietnam
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12) The Impact of International Integration on the Sustainable Trade Development in Vietnam
Author’s Details: (1)Van Su Ha-Thuongmai university, Hanoi, Vietnam
(2)Nguyen Dieu Anh Le-
University of Economics – Technology for Industries, Hanoi, Vietnam Correspondence: Nguyen Dieu Anh Le, 456 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

The objective of this paper is to assess the factors affecting the sustainable trade development of Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam. We conducted data analysis on 338 commercial enterprises in Bac Ninh province. The results show that international integration is the most important factor affecting the sustainable trade development of Bac Ninh province. Besides, the factor of natural conditions is the one that has the least impact on the sustainable trade development of Bac Ninh province. From there, we make recommendations to help Bac Ninh Province improve the efficiency of sustainable trade development.
Sustainable trade development, international integration, Bac Ninh, Vietnam
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13) Situation of Transaction Costs in Export in Vietnam
Author’s Details: (1)Xuan Hung Nguyen-School of Trade and International Economics, National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam(2)Tuan Hung Vu-Institute of Regional Sustainable Development (IRSD), Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Hanoi, Vietnam-Correspondence: Xuan Hung Nguyen, 207 Giai Phong, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi, Vietnam

The objective of the paper is to review the theoretical basis of transaction costs and then analyze the current state of transaction costs in Vietnam’s exports. Analysis of time fluctuations, transaction costs, and proportion of transaction costs to the rate of growth. Next we analyze the transaction costs of Singapore to draw lessons for Vietnam.
Transaction costs, transaction costs in export, Vietnam
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14) The Influence of Sewing Thread to the Seam Wrinkle
Author’s Details: Thi Hong Hanh Le-University of Economics – Technology for Industries-Correspondence: Thi Hong Hanh Le, 456 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi – E:; T: + 84 (0) 912. 783. 272

The paper has an overview of the theoretical basis of seam wrinkle, the factors affecting seam wrinkle. Among the factors affecting seam wrinkling, sewing thread is the most important factor affecting seam quality and garment product quality. Because if the sewing thread is good, the quality of fine stitches will be smooth, the seam will be less prone to wrinkles.
Keywords: Seam wrinkle
, sewing
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15) Stories About New Avenues To Do Research, Part II
Author Details: Jeroen Staring-Author Details: Retired Dr Jeroen Staring taught mathematics at secondary schools in The Netherlands. His 2005 Medical Sciences dissertation describes the life, work and technique of F. Matthias Alexander. In 2013 he successfully defended a second dissertation, on the early history of the NYC Bureau of Educational Experiments.

This (second part of a three-part) case study loosely investigates results of several new avenues of doing research — via,,, and other websites.

Key Words: Copyrights transfer of F. M. Alexander’s books in 1923 to Miss Ethel M. Webb; new avenues of conducting research. Gladys (née Brown) Ficke; Elisabeth Antoinette Irwin; Agnes de Lima; Margaret Naumburg; Caroline Pratt; Claire (née Raphael) Reis; Leila Vanderbilt Stott; Irene Tasker; Ethel Mary Webb. Frederick Matthias Alexander; Robert Broom; Alvin Saunders Johnson; Ernst Kris; René Arpád Spitz; Sir Algernon Methuen Br.
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